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Delete Data from a Range
Delete Data from
a Range
If your worksheet has a range that contains data you
no longer need, you can delete that data. This helps
to reduce worksheet clutter and makes your
worksheet easier to read.
Note that deleting cell data does not adjust the
structure of your worksheet in any way. That is, after
you delete the cell data, the rest of your worksheet
data remains intact and in the same place that it was
before the data deletion. If you want to delete cells
and not just the data within the cells, see the
following section, “Delete a Range.”
Delete Data from a Range
Delete Range Data
1 Select the range that contains
the data you want to delete.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click Clear ( ).
4 Click Clear Contents .
A If you want to delete the range
data and its formatting, click
Clear All instead.
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