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Delete Data from a Range
Working with Ranges
B Excel removes the range data.
Undo Range Data Deletion
1 Click the Undo
2 Click Clear .
Note: If the data deletion was
the most recent action you
performed, you can undo it by
or by clicking
Undo ( ) .
C Excel restores the data to the
Are there faster ways to delete the data from
a range?
Yes. Probably the fastest method is to select
the range and then press Delete . You can also
select the range, right-click any part of the
range, and then click Clear Contents .
Is it possible to delete a cell’s numeric
Yes. Select the range with the formatting
that you want to remove, click Home , click
, and then click Clear Formats . Excel
removes all the formatting from the selected
range. If you prefer to delete only the
numeric formatting, click Home , click the
Number Format
, and then click General .
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