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Freeze Rows or Columns
Working with Ranges
Freeze Columns
1 Scroll the worksheet so that the
column or columns that you
want to freeze are visible.
2 Select the cell in row 1 that is
one row to the right of the last
column you want to freeze.
For example, if you want to
freeze column A, select cell B1.
3 Click the View tab.
4 Click Freeze Panes .
5 Click Freeze Panes .
Excel freezes the columns.
Are there easier methods I can use to freeze
just the top row or first column?
Yes. To freeze just the top row, click View ,
click Freeze Panes , and then click Freeze Top
Row . To freeze just the first column, click
View , click Freeze Panes , and then click
Freeze First Column . Note that in both cases
you do not need to select a cell in advance.
How do I unfreeze a row or column?
If you no longer require a row or column to
be frozen, you can unfreeze it by clicking
View , clicking Freeze Panes , and then
clicking Unfreeze Panes .
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