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Understanding the Benefits of Using Range Names
Working with Range Names
Easier to Remember
Range names are easier to remember than range
coordinates. For example, if you want to use a
particular range in a formula, but that range is
not currently visible, to get the coordinates you
must scroll until you can see the range and then
determine the range’s coordinates. However, if
you have already assigned the range an
intuitive name such as Project_Expenses, you
can add that name directly without having to
view the range.
Names Do Not Change
Range names do not change when you adjust
the position of a range, as they do with range
coordinates. For example, if you move the range
A1:B5 to the right by five columns, the range
coordinates change to F1:G5. If you have a
formula that references that range, Excel
updates the formula with the new range
coordinates, which could confuse someone
examining the worksheet. By contrast, a range
name does not change when you move the
Easier Navigation
Range names make it easier to navigate a worksheet. For example, Excel
has a Go To command that enables you to choose a range name, and
Excel takes you directly to the range. You can also use the Name box to
select a range name and navigate to that range. You can also use Go To
and the Name box to specify range coordinates, but range coordinates
are much more difficult to work with.
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