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Use Worksheet Text to Define a Range Name
Working with Range Names
The Create Names from Selection dialog
box appears.
4 Select the setting or settings that
correspond to where the text labels
are located in the selected range
( changes to ).
If Excel has activated a check box that
does not apply to your data, click it
changes to
5 Click OK.
Excel assigns the text labels as range
B When you select one of the ranges, the
range name assigned by Excel appears
in the Name box.
Note: If the label text contains any
illegal characters, such as a space, Excel
replaces each of those characters with
an underscore .
Given a table with labels in the top row and left column, is
there a way to automatically assign a name to the table
Yes. The table data refers to the range of cells that does not
include the table headings in the top row and left column.
To assign a name to the data range, type a label in the
topleft corner of the table. When you run the Create from
Selection command on the entire table, Excel assigns the
top-left label to the data range, as shown here.
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