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Navigate a Workbook Using Range Names
Working with Range Names
Using the Go To Command
1 Open the workbook that
contains the range you want
to work with.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click Find & Select (
4 Click Go To .
Note: You can also select the
Go To command by pressing
+ .
The Go To dialog box
5 Click the name of the range
you want to select.
6 Click OK.
B Excel selects the range.
Is it possible to navigate to a named range in a different workbook?
Yes, but it is not easy or straightforward:
1 Follow Steps to in the “Using the Go To Command” subsection to display the Go To 4
dialog box.
2 In the Reference text box, type the following:
workbook worksheet’ name !
Replace workbook with the filename of the
workbook; replace worksheet with the name
of the worksheet that contains the range;
and replace name with the range name.
3 Click OK.
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