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Change a Range Name
Working with Range Names
The Edit Name dialog box
6 Use the Name text box to edit
the name.
7 Click OK.
A The new name appears in the
Name Manager dialog box.
8 Repeat Steps to to rename 7
other ranges as needed.
9 Click Close .
Excel closes the dialog box and
returns you to the worksheet.
Is there a faster method I can use to
open the Name Manager dialog box?
Yes, Excel offers a shortcut key that
enables you to bypass Steps and . 3
Open the workbook that contains the
range name you want to change, and
then press + . Excel opens the
Name Manager dialog box.
Can I assign a name to a different range?
Yes. If you add another range to your workbook
and you feel that an existing name would be more
suited to that range, you can modify the name to
refer to the new range. Follow Steps to to 5
open the Edit Name dialog box. Click inside the
Refers to reference box, click and drag the Excel
mouse pointer ( ) on the worksheet to select
the new range, and then press
. Click Close .
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