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Change the Font and Font Size
Change the Font
and Font Size
When you work in an Excel worksheet, you can add
visual appeal to a cell or range by changing the font.
In this section and throughout this topic, the term
font is synonymous with typeface , and both terms
refer to the overall look of each character.
You can also make labels and other text stand out
from the rest of the worksheet by changing the font
size. The font size is measured in points , where there
are roughly 72 points in an inch.
Change the Font and Font Size
Change the Font
1 Select the range you want to
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click in the Font list.
A When you use the mouse
pointer ( ) to point at a
typeface, Excel temporarily
changes the selected text to
that typeface.
4 Click the typeface you want
to apply.
B Excel applies the font to the
text in the selected range.
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