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Change the Font and Font Size
Formatting Excel Ranges
Change the Font Size
1 Select the range you want to
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click in the Font Size list.
C When you use the mouse to
point at a font size, Excel
temporarily changes the selected
text to that size.
4 Click the size you want to apply.
D You can also type the size you
want in the Size text box.
E Excel applies the font size to the
text in the selected range.
In the Theme Fonts section of the Font list,
what do the designations Body and Headings
The theme’s default font is referred to as Body,
and it is the font used for regular worksheet
text. Each theme also defines a Headings font,
which Excel uses for cells formatted with a
heading or title style.
Can I change the default font and font size?
Yes. Click the File tab, and then click
Options to open the Excel Options dialog
box. Click the General tab, click the Use
this as the default font , and then click
the typeface you want to use as the default.
Click the Font size , and then click the
size you prefer to use as the default.
Click OK.
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