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Apply Font Effects
Apply Font
You can improve the look and impact of text in an
Excel worksheet by applying font effects to a cell or
to a range.
Font effects include common formatting such as
bold , which is often used to make labels stand out
from regular text; italic , which is often used to add
emphasis to text; and underline , which is often used
for worksheet titles and headings. You can also apply
special effects such as strikethrough, superscripts
(for example, x 2 +y 2 ), and subscripts (for example,
H 2 O).
Apply Font Effects
1 Select the range you want to
2 Click the Home tab.
3 To format the text as bold,
click the Bold button ( ).
A Excel applies the bold effect
to the selected range.
4 To format the text as italic,
click the Italic button (
5 To format the text as
underline, click the
Underline button ( ).
B Excel applies the effects to
the selected range.
6 Click the Font dialog box
launcher (
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