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Change the Font Color
Change the
Font Color
When you work in an Excel worksheet, you can add
visual interest by changing the font color. Most
worksheets are meant to convey specific information,
but that does not mean the sheet has to be plain. By
adding a bit of color to your text, you make your
worksheets more appealing. Adding color can also
make the worksheet easier to read by, for example,
differentiating titles, headings, and labels from
regular text.
You can change the font color by applying a color
from the workbook’s theme, from the Excel palette of
standard colors, or from a custom color that you
Change the Font Color
Select a Theme or Standard
1 Select the range you want to
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click
in the Font Color
list (
4 Click a theme color.
A Alternatively, click one of
the Excel standard colors.
B Excel applies the color to
the selected range.
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