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Change the Font Color
Formatting Excel Ranges
Select a Custom Color
1 Select the range you want to format.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click
in the Font Color list (
4 Click More Colors .
The Colors dialog box appears.
5 Click the color you want to use.
C You can also click the Custom tab and
then either click the color you want or
enter the values for the Red, Green,
and Blue components of the color.
6 Click OK.
Excel applies the color to the selected
How can I make the best use of fonts in my documents?
Do not use many different typefaces in a single document. Stick to one, or at most two,
typefaces to avoid the ransom note look.
Avoid overly decorative typefaces because they are often difficult to read.
Use bold only for document titles, subtitles, and headings.
Use italics only to emphasize words and phrases, or for the titles of books and magazines.
Use larger type sizes only for document titles, subtitles, and, possibly, the headings.
If you change the text color, be sure to leave enough contrast between the text and the
background. In general, dark text on a light background is the easiest to read.
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