Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Inside an Excel File
Figure 4-4: A simple workbook.
The first thing that you notice is that the file contains a directory structure. The left panel of
Figure 4-5 shows the fully expanded directory structure for the workbook file. The actual
directories will vary with the workbook.
With a few exceptions, all the files are text files. More specifically, they are XML files. You can
view them in a text file editor, an XML editor, a Web browser, or even Excel. Figure 4-6 shows
one of these files viewed in the Firefox browser. The non-XML files include graphic images and
VBA projects (these are stored in binary format).
This XML file has four root-level folders, and some of these have subfolders. Many of the folders
contain a _rels folder. These folders contain XML files that define the relationships to other parts
within the package.
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