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Inside an Excel File
Figure 4-5: The directory structure of the workbook file.
Following is a list of the folders in the sample.xlsm workbook:
h _rels: Contains information about the package relationships.
h customXml: Contains information about Ribbon enhancements stored in the workbook.
h docProps: Contains XML files that describe the file properties and application settings.
h xl: Holds the meat of the file. The folder name varies with the Office document type (xl,
ppt, word, and so on). You’ll find several XML files that contain settings for the workbook.
And if your workbook contains VBA code, it will be in a binary file with a BIN extension.
The xl folder has several subfolders. (Some workbooks may have more or fewer
subfolders, depending on the content.)
charts: Contains an XML file for each chart. This file contains the chart settings.
chartsheets: Contains an XML file with data for each chart sheet in the workbook.
diagrams: Contains XML files that describe the diagrams (SmartArt) in the workbook.
drawings : Contains an XML file with data for each drawin g. Drawings include items
such as buttons, charts, and images.
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