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Excel Settings in the Registry
Excel Settings in the Registry
The Excel Options dialog box has dozens of user-specified options. Excel uses the Windows
Registry to store these settings and retrieve them when Excel is started. In this section, I provide
some background information about the Windows Registry and discuss how Excel uses the
Registry to store its settings.
About the Registry
The Windows Registry is essentially a central hierarchical database that is used by the operating
system and by application software. The Registry first appeared in Windows 95 and replaces the
old INI files that stored Windows and application settings.
Your VBA macros can also read and write information to the Registry. Refer to Chapter
11 for details.
You can use the Registry Editor program (included with Windows) to browse the Registry — and
even to edit its contents if you know what you’re doing. The Registry Editor is named regedit.
exe . Before beginning your explorations, take a minute to read the sidebar “Before You Edit the
Registry. . . .” Figure 4-9 shows what the Registry Editor looks like.
Figure 4-9: The Registry Editor lets you browse and make changes to the Registry.
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