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Excel Settings in the Registry
Table 4-6: Excel Configuration Information in the Registry
Add-In Manager
Lists add-ins that appear in the Add-Ins dialog box. Add-ins that are included with
Excel do not appear in this list. If you have an add-in entry in this list box that you
no longer use, you can remove it by using the Registry Editor.
Lists additional (external) file converters that are not built into Excel.
Error Checking
Holds the settings for formula error checking
File MRU
Holds information about the most recently used files (which appears in the Recent
Documents list when you choose File Recent).
A catch-all section; holds a wide variety of settings.
Recent Templates
Stores the names of templates you’ve used recently.
Information used for recovering documents.
Specifies the security options for opening files that contain macros.
Spell Checker
Stores information about your spell checker options.
Stores the user choices for what appears in the status bar.
Stores information about the user.
Although you can change most of the settings via the Excel Options dialog box, you can’t change
a few settings directly from Excel (but you can use the Registry Editor to make changes). For
example, when you select a range of cells, you may prefer that the selected cells appear in high
contrast white-on-black. There is no way to specify this setting in Excel, but you can add a new
Registry key like this:
Open the Registry Editor and locate this section:
Right-click and choose New DWORD Value.
Name this value Options6 .
Right-click the Options6 key and select Modify.
In the Edit DWORD Value dialog box, click the Decimal option and enter 16 (see Figure 4-10).
Figure 4-10: Setting a value for a Registry setting.
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