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Chapter 6: Essentials of Spreadsheet Application Development
Essentials of Spreadsheet
Application Development
In This Chapter
Discovering the basic steps involved in spreadsheet application development
Determining end users’ needs
Planning applications to meet users’ needs
Developing and testing your applications
Documenting your development efforts and writing user documentation
Steps for Application Development
There is no simple, surefire recipe for developing an effective spreadsheet application. Everyone
has his or her own style for creating such applications, and I haven’t discovered one best way
that works for everyone. In addition, every project is different and, therefore, requires its own
approach. Finally, the demands and technical expertise of the people you work with (or for) also
play a role in how the development process proceeds.
As I mention in the preceding chapter, spreadsheet developers typically perform the following
h Determine the needs of the user(s)
h Plan an application that meets these needs
h Determine the most appropriate user interface
h Create the spreadsheet, formulas, macros, and user interface
h Test and debug the application
h Attempt to make the application bulletproof
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