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Determining the Most Appropriate User Interface
Menu and toolbar compatibility
Excel 2010 still supports custom menus and toolbars, but the way these UI elements are handled
may not be to your liking.
The following figure shows a custom menu and toolbar displayed in Excel 2003. The menu and
toolbar were created using my Power Utility Pak add-in. Each menu item and toolbar button
executes a macro.
As shown in the following figure, when the Power Utility Pak add-in is installed in Excel 2010, the
custom menu appears in a group labeled Add-Ins➜Menu Commands, and the custom toolbar is
in a group labeled Add-Ins➜Custom Toolbars. (You can’t resize or move the toolbars.) These
Ribbon groups display the menu additions and toolbars for all the applications or add-ins that
are loaded. The menu items and toolbar buttons still function, but the designer’s original UI
conception has been compromised.
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