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Determining the Most Appropriate User Interface
I discuss these features briefly in the following sections and cover them more thoroughly in later
Customizing the Ribbon
The Ribbon UI introduced in Excel 2007 is a dramatic shift in user interface design. Fortunately,
the developer has a fair amount of control over the Ribbon. Although Excel 2010 allows the end
user to modify the Ribbon, making UI changes via code isn’t a simple task.
See Chapter 22 for information about working with the Ribbon.
Customizing shortcut menus
Excel 2010 still allows the VBA developer to customize the right-click shortcut menus. Figure 6-1
shows a customized shortcut menu that appears when you right-click a row number. Notice that
this shortcut menu has several menu items (those with a “P” icon) that aren’t normally available.
Figure 6-1: An example of a customized shortcut menu.
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