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Other Development Issues
The user’s installed version of Excel
With every new release of Excel, the issue of compatibility rears its head. As I write this topic,
Excel 2010 is about to be released — yet many large corporations are still using Excel 2003 and
some use even earlier versions.
Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that an application developed for, say, Excel 2000 will work
perfectly with later versions of Excel. If you need your application to work with a variety of Excel
versions, the best approach is to work with the lowest version — and then test it thoroughly with
all other versions.
Things get even more complicated when you consider Excel’s subversions. Microsoft distributes
service releases (SRs), Service Packs (SPs), and security updates to correct problems. In some
cases, your Excel application won’t work correctly unless the user has installed a particular
I discuss compatibility issues in Chapter 26.
Language issues
Consider yourself very fortunate if all your end users have the English language version of Excel.
Non-English versions of Excel aren’t always 100 percent compatible, so that means additional
testing on your part. In addition, keep in mind that two users can both be using the English
language version of Excel yet use different Windows regional settings. In some cases, you may need
to be aware of potential problems.
I briefly discuss language issues in Chapter 26.
System speed
You’re probably a fairly advanced computer user and tend to keep your hardware reasonably up
to date. In other words, you have a fairly powerful system that is probably better than the
average user’s system. In some cases, you’ll know exactly what hardware the end users of your
applications are using. If so, it’s vitally important that you test your application on that system. A
procedure that executes almost instantaneously on your system may take several seconds on
another system. In the world of computers, several seconds may be unacceptable.
When you gain more experience with VBA, you’ll discover that there are ways to get
the job done, and there are ways to get the job done fast. It’s a good idea to get into
the habit of coding for speed. Other chapters in this topic can certainly help you out in
this area.
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