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Introducing the Visual Basic Editor
Figure 7-2: The Visual Basic Editor window.
The VBE windows
The VBE has a number of parts. I briefly describe some of the key components in the following
h VBE menu bar: Although Excel uses a fancy new Ribbon interface, the VBE is still stuck in
the menu and toolbar world. The VBE menu bar works like every other menu bar that
you’ve encountered. It contains commands that you use to work with the various
components in the VBE. Also, you’ll find that many of the menu commands have shortcut keys
associated with them. For example, the View➜Immediate Window command has a
shortcut key of Ctrl+G.
The VBE also features shortcut menus. As you’ll discover, you can right-click virtually
anything in a VBE window to get a shortcut menu of common commands.
h VBE toolbars: The Standard toolbar, which is directly under the menu bar by default, is
one of six VBE toolbars available. (The menu bar is also considered a toolbar.) You can
customize toolbars, move them around, display other toolbars, and so on. Choose
View➜Toolbars➜Customize to work with VBE toolbars.
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