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Customizing the VBE Environment
Changing the Require Variable Declaration option affects only new modules, not
existing modules.
Auto List Members option
If the Auto List Members option is set, VBE provides help when you’re entering your VBA code
by displaying a list of member items for an object. These items include methods and properties
for the object that you typed.
This option is very helpful, and I always keep it turned on. Figure 7-8 shows an example of Auto
List Members (which will make a lot more sense when you actually start writing VBA code). In
this example, VBE is displaying a list of members for the Application object. The list changes
as you type additional characters, showing only the members that begin with the characters you
type. You can just select an item from the list and press Tab (or double-click the item), thus
avoiding typing it. Using the Auto List Members list also ensures that the item is spelled correctly.
Figure 7-8: An example of Auto List Members.
Auto Quick Info option
If the Auto Quick Info option is set, the VBE displays information about the arguments available
for functions, properties, and methods while you type. This information can be very helpful, and I
always leave this setting on. Figure 7-9 shows this feature in action. It’s displaying the syntax for
the Cells property.
Figure 7-9: An example of Auto Quick Info offering help about the Cells property.
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