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Customizing the VBE Environment
h Font option: The Font option lets you select the font that’s used in your VBA modules.
For best results, stick with a fixed-width font (monofont) such as Courier New. In a
fixedwidth font, all characters are exactly the same width. Using fixed-width characters makes
your code much more readable because the characters are nicely aligned vertically and
you can easily distinguish multiple spaces.
h Size setting: The Size setting specifies the size of the font in the VBA modules. This
setting is a matter of personal preference determined by your video display resolution and
your eyesight. The default size of 10 (points) works for me.
h Margin Indicator Bar option: The Margin Indicator Bar option controls the display of the
vertical margin indicator bar in your modules. You should keep this turned on; otherwise,
you won’t be able to see the helpful graphical indicators when you’re debugging your
Figure 7-10: The Editor Format tab of the Options dialog box.
Using the General tab
Figure 7-11 shows the following options available under the General tab in the Options dialog box:
h Form Grid Settings: The options in this section are for UserForms (custom dialog boxes);
they let you specify a grid to help align controls on the UserForm. When you have some
experience designing UserForms, you can determine whether a grid display is helpful or not.
h Show ToolTips check box: This checkbox refers to toolbar buttons. There’s no reason to
turn off the ToolTips display.
h Collapse Proj. Hides Windows option: If checked, this setting causes the windows to
close automatically when you collapse a project in the Project window. I keep this setting
turned on.
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