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Executing Sub Procedures
Figure 9-1: The Macro dialog box.
Executing a procedure with a Ctrl+shortcut key combination
You can assign a Ctrl+shortcut key combination to any procedure that doesn’t use any
arguments. If you assign the Ctrl+U key combo to a procedure named UpdateCustomerList , for
example, pressing Ctrl+U executes that procedure.
When you begin recording a macro, the Record Macro dialog box gives you the opportunity to
assign a shortcut key. However, you can assign a shortcut key at any time. To assign a Ctrl
shortcut key to a procedure (or to change a procedure’s shortcut key), follow these steps:
Activate Excel and choose Developer➜Code➜Macros.
Select the appropriate procedure from the list box in the Macro dialog box.
Click the Options button to display the Macro Options dialog box (see Figure 9-2).
Figure 9-2: The Macro Options dialog box lets you assign a Ctrl key shortcut and an optional
description to a procedure.
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