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Dealing with the Insert Function Dialog Box
Next i
VowelCount = Count
End Function
In this case, the values of two variables, Ch and i , are printed to the Immediate window
whenever the Debug.Print statement is encountered. Figure 10-9 shows the result
when the function has an argument of Tucson Arizona .
Figure 10-9: Use the Immediate window to display results while a function is running.
Dealing with the Insert Function Dialog Box
Excel’s Insert Function dialog box is a handy tool. When you’re creating a worksheet formula, this
tool lets you select a particular worksheet function from a list of functions. These functions are
grouped into various categories to make locating a particular function easier. When you select a
function and click OK, the Function Arguments dialog box appears to help insert the function’s
arguments. Figure 10-10 shows both of these dialog boxes.
The Insert Function dialog box also displays your custom worksheet functions. By default, custom
functions are listed under the User Defined category. The Function Arguments dialog box
prompts you for a custom function’s arguments.
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