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Dealing with the Insert Function Dialog Box
Figure 10-10: The Insert Function dialog box makes it easy to enter a function into a formula, and the
Function Arguments dialog box prompts for the arguments.
The Insert Function dialog box enables you to search for a function by keyword. Unfortunately,
you can’t use this search feature to locate custom functions created in VBA.
Custom Function procedures defined with the Private keyword don’t appear in the
Insert Function dialog box. If you develop a function that’s intended to be used only in
your other VBA procedures, you should declare it by using the Private keyword.
However, declaring the function as Private doesn’t prevent it from being used in a
worksheet formula. It just prevents the function from displaying in the Insert Function
dialog box.
Using the MacroOptions method
You can use the MacroOptions method of the Application object to make your functions
appear just like built-in functions. Specifically, this method enables you to:
h Provide a description of the function
h Specify a function category
h Provide descriptions for the function arguments.
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