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Adjusting UserForm Controls
To set the tab order of your controls, choose View➜Tab Order. You can also right-click the
UserForm and choose Tab Order from the shortcut menu. In either case, Excel displays the Tab
Order dialog box, as shown in Figure 13-8. The Tab Order dialog box lists all the controls, the
sequence of which corresponds to the order in which controls pass the focus between each other
in the UserForm. To move a control, select it and click the arrow keys up or down. You can
choose more than one control (click while pressing Shift or Ctrl) and move them all at once.
Alternatively, you can set an individual control’s position in the tab order via the Properties window.
The first control in the tab order has a TabIndex property of 0 . Changing the TabIndex property
for a control may also affect the TabIndex property of other controls. These adjustments are
made automatically to ensure that no control has a TabIndex greater than the number of controls.
If you want to remove a control from the tab order, set its TabStop property to False .
Some controls, such as Frame and MultiPage , act as containers for other controls. The
controls inside a container have their own tab order. To set the tab order for a group of
OptionButtons inside a Frame control, select the Frame control before you choose the
View➜Tab Order command.
Figure 13-8: Use the Tab Order dialog box to specify the tab order of the controls.
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