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Customizing the Toolbox
The companion CD-ROM contains a pag file (named newcontrols.pag ) that contains
some customized controls. You can import this file as a new page in your Toolbox.
Right-click a tab and select Import Page. Then locate the pag file. Your Toolbox will
resemble Figure 13-14. The new controls include an exclamation point image, a “critical”
red x image, a question mark image, an information image, OK and Cancel buttons, a
Frame with four OptionButton controls, a TextBox, a Spinner, and six CheckBox controls.
Figure 13-14: The Toolbox, with a new page of controls.
Adding new ActiveX controls
UserForms can use other ActiveX controls developed by Microsoft or other vendors. To add an
additional ActiveX control to the Toolbox, right-click the Toolbox and select Additional Controls.
You see the dialog box shown in Figure 13-15.
The Additional Controls dialog box lists all ActiveX controls that are installed on your system.
Select the control(s) that you want to add and then click OK to add an icon for each selected
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