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Chapter 14: UserForm Examples
UserForm Examples
In This Chapter
Using a UserForm for a simple menu
Selecting ranges from a UserForm
Using a UserForm as a splash screen
Changing the size of a UserForm while it’s displayed
Zooming and scrolling a sheet from a UserForm
Understanding various techniques that involve a ListBox control
Using an external control
Using the MultiPage control
Animating a Label control
Creating a UserForm “Menu”
Sometimes, you might want to use a UserForm as a type of menu. In other words, the UserForm
presents some options, and the user makes a choice. This section presents two ways to do this:
using CommandButtons or using a ListBox.
Chapter 15 contains additional examples of more advanced UserForm techniques.
Using CommandButtons in a UserForm
Figure 14-1 shows an example of a UserForm that uses CommandButton controls as a simple
menu. Setting up this sort of UserForm is easy, and the code behind the UserForm is
straightforward. Each CommandButton has its own event-handler procedure. For example, the following
procedure is executed when CommandButton1 is clicked:
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