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Using an External Control
The Toolbox also contains a control named TabStrip , which resembles a MultiPage
control. However, unlike the MultiPage control, the TabStrip control isn’t a container
for other objects. The MultiPage control is much more versatile, and I’ve never had a
need to actually use the TabStrip control.
Using a MultiPage control can be a bit tricky. The following are some things to keep in mind
when using this control:
h The tab (or page) that’s displayed up front is determined by the control’s Value
property. A value of 0 displays the first tab, a value of 1 displays the second tab, and so on.
h By default, a MultiPage control has two pages. To add a new page in the VBE,
rightclick a tab and select New Page from the shortcut menu.
h When you’re working with a MultiPage control, just click a tab to set the properties for
that particular page. The Properties window will display the properties that you can
h You may find it difficult to select the actual MultiPage control because clicking the
control selects a page within the control. To select the control itself, click its border. Or,
you can use the Tab key to cycle among all the controls. Yet another option is to select
the MultiPage control from the drop-down list in the Properties window.
h If your MultiPage control has lots of tabs, you can set its MultiRow property to True
to display the tabs in more than one row.
h If you prefer, you can display buttons instead of tabs. Just change the Style property to
1 . If the Style property value is 2 , the MultiPage control won’t display tabs or buttons.
h The TabOrientation property determines the location of the tabs on the MultiPage
h For each page, you can set a transition effect by changing the TransitionEffect
property. For example, clicking a tab can cause the new page to push the former page
out of the way. Use the TransitionPeriod property to set the speed of the transition
Using an External Control
The example in this section uses the Windows Media Player control. Although this control isn’t an
Excel control (it’s installed with Windows), it works fine in a UserForm.
To make this control available, add a UserForm to a workbook and follow these steps:
Activate the VBE.
Right-click the Toolbox and choose Additional Controls.
Choose View Toolbox if the Toolbox isn’t visible.
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