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Chart sheets
A chart sheet normally holds a single chart. Many users ignore chart sheets, preferring to store
charts on the worksheet’s drawing layer. Using chart sheets is optional, but they make it a bit
easier to print a chart on a page by itself, and they’re especially useful for presentations. Figure
2-1 shows a pie chart on a chart sheet.
Figure 2-1: A pie chart on a chart sheet.
XLM macro sheets
An XLM macro sheet (also known as an MS Excel 4 macro sheet ) is essentially a worksheet, but it
has some different defaults. More specifically, an XLM macro sheet displays formulas rather than
the results of formulas. In addition, the default column width is larger than in a normal worksheet.
As the name suggests, an XLM macro sheet is designed to hold XLM macros. As you may know,
the XLM macro system is a holdover from previous versions of Excel (Version 4.0 and earlier).
Excel 2010 continues to support XLM macros for compatibility reasons — although it no longer
provides the option of recording an XLM macro. This topic doesn’t cover the XLM macro system;
instead, it focuses on the more powerful VBA macro system.
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