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Displaying a Progress Indicator
After you make a few modifications to this macro (described in the next section), the UserForm,
shown in Figure 15-3, displays the progress.
Figure 15-3: A UserForm displays the progress of a macro.
This example, named progress indicator1.xlsm , is available on the companion
Building the stand-alone progress indicator UserForm
Follow these steps to create the UserForm that will be used to display the progress of your task:
Insert a new UserForm and change its Caption property setting to Progress .
Add a Frame control and name it FrameProgress .
Add a Label control inside the Frame, name it LabelProgress , remove the label’s
caption, and make its background color ( BackColor property) something that will
stand out.
The label’s size and placement don’t matter for now.
Add another label above the frame to describe what’s going on (optional).
In this example, the label reads, Entering random numbers. . . .
Adjust the UserForm and controls so that they look something like Figure 15-4.
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