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An Enhanced Data Form
About the Enhanced Data Form
The Enhanced Data Form features the enhancements listed in Table 15-1.
Table 15-1: Comparing the Enhanced Data Form with the Excel Data Form
Enhanced Data Form
Excel Data Form
Handles any number of records and fields.
Limited to 32 fields.
Dialog box can be displayed in any size that you like,
and can be resized by the user.
Dialog box adjusts its size based on the number of
fields. In fact, it can take up the entire screen!
Fields can consist of either InputBox or ComboBox
Uses only InputBoxes.
Can modify the width of the descriptive column
Can’t change column header fields.
Can easily change the language used in the dialog
box (VBA password required).
Can’t change language.
Record displayed in the dialog box is always visible
on-screen and is highlighted so that you know
exactly where you are.
Doesn’t scroll the screen for you and doesn’t
highlight the current record.
At start-up, the dialog box always displays the
record at the active cell.
Always starts with the first record in the database.
When you close the dialog box, the current record is
selected for you.
Doesn’t change your selection when you exit.
Lets you insert a new record at any position in the
Adds new records only at the end of the database.
Includes an Undo button for Data Entry, Insert
Record, Delete Record, and New Record.
Includes only a Restore button.
Search criteria are stored in a separate panel, so you
always know exactly what you’re searching for.
The search criteria aren’t always apparent.
Supports approximate matches while searching (*, ?,
and #).
Excel’s Data Form doesn’t support wildcard
The complete VBA source code is available, so you
can customize it to your needs.
Data Form isn’t written in VBA and can’t be
The Enhanced Data Form is a commercial product (sort of). Versions for Excel 97 and
later are available on the companion CD-ROM. These files may be distributed freely.
If you’d like to customize the code or UserForm, access to the complete VBA source is
available for a modest fee. You can find out the details at http://spreadsheetpage.
com .
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