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What Makes a Good Utility?
Figure 16-2 shows the UserForm for the Text Tools utility.
Figure 16-2: The UserForm for the Text Tools utility.
Notice that the controls on this UserForm are laid out differently from how they actually appear
to the user. That’s because some options use different controls, and the positioning of the
controls is handled dynamically in the code. The controls are listed and described next.
h The Operation ComboBox: This always appears on the left, and you use it to select the
operation to be performed.
h Proc1 ComboBox: Most of the text manipulation options use this ComboBox to further
specify the operation.
h Proc2 ComboBox: Two of the text manipulation options use this ComboBox to specify
the operation even further. Specifically, this additional ComboBox is used by Add Text
and Remove by Position.
h Check box: The Skip Non-Text Cells check box is an option relevant to some of the
h Help button: Clicking this CommandButton displays help.
h Close button: Clicking this CommandButton unloads the UserForm.
h Apply button: Clicking this CommandButton applies the selected text manipulation
h Progress bar: This consists of a Label control inside a Frame control.
h Text box: This text box is used for the Add Text option.
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