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What Makes a Good Utility?
Figure 16-7: A Help screen for the Text Tools utility.
The companion CD-ROM includes all of the source files that were used to create the
Help file. These files are in a directory named \helpsource . If you’re not familiar with
HTML Help files, refer to Chapter 24 for additional information.
Adding the RibbonX code
The final task in creating this utility is to provide a way to execute it. Before Excel 2007, inserting
a new menu command or toolbar button was relatively easy. But, with the new Ribbon user
interface, this once-simple job is significantly more challenging.
I used the Custom UI Editor for Microsoft Office to add the RibbonX code that generates a new
Ribbon group and command. The Custom UI Editor isn’t included with Microsoft Office, but you
can locate and download the program on the Internet.
Chapter 22 contains additional information about working with the Ribbon and the
Custom UI Editor.
Figure 16-8 shows a portion of the Ribbon with a new group (called Utilities) added to the end of
the Home tab. This group contains a single control that, when clicked, executes this procedure:
Sub StartTextTools(control As IRibbonControl)
Call ShowTextToolsDialog
End Sub
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