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Excel’s User Interface
Excel 2010 still supports the menu-oriented keyboard shortcuts from Excel 2003. So if
you’ve memorized key sequences, such as Alt+ES (to display the Paste Special dialog
box), you can still use those shortcuts.
Shortcut menus and the Mini Toolbar
The only menus that remain in Excel are shortcut menus. These menus appear when you
rightclick your mouse. The shortcut menus are context-sensitive. In other words, the menu that
appears depends on the location of the mouse pointer when you right-click. You can right-click
just about anything — a cell, a row or column border, a workbook title bar, a toolbar, and so on.
Right-clicking some objects displays a Mini Toolbar above the shortcut menu. This toolbar
provides quick access to commonly used formatting commands. Figure 2-10 shows the Mini Toolbar
when a cell is selected.
Although you can’t customize the Ribbon by using VBA, you can use VBA to customize any of
the shortcut menus. You can’t, however, modify the Mini Toolbar.
Refer to Chapter 23 for more information about customizing shortcut menus.
Figure 2-10: Right-clicking some objects displays a Mini Toolbar in addition to a shortcut menu.
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