Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Excel’s User Interface
Keyboard shortcuts
Excel has many useful keyboard shortcuts. For example, you can press Ctrl+D to copy a cell to
selected cells below it. If you’re a newcomer to Excel — or you just want to improve your
efficiency — I urge you to check out the Help system (access the Accessibility main topic and go
from there). Learning these shortcuts is key to becoming proficient in Excel. The Help file has
tables that summarize useful keyboard commands and shortcuts.
And, as I note previously, you can access the Ribbon commands by using the keyboard.
Smart Tags
A Smart Tag is a small icon that appears automatically in your worksheet after you perform
certain actions. Clicking a Smart Tag reveals several options. For example, if you copy and paste a
range of cells, Excel generates a Smart Tag that appears below the pasted range (see Figure
2-12) and provides you with several options regarding the formatting of the pasted data.
Figure 2-12: This Smart Tag appears when you paste a copied range.
Task pane
Excel 2002 introduced a new UI element known as the task pane. This multipurpose user
interface element is normally docked on the right side of Excel’s window (but you can drag it
anywhere). The task pane is used for a variety of purposes, including displaying the Office Clipboard,
displaying a pivot table field list, inserting clipart, providing research assistance, and mapping
eXtensible Markup Language (XML) data. Figure 2-13 shows the Clip Art task pane.
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