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Animating Charts
Figure 18-24: This clock is fully functional and is actually an XY chart in disguise.
Figure 18-25: Displaying a digital clock in a worksheet is much easier but not as much fun to create.
As you explore this workbook from the CD-ROM, here are a few things to keep in mind:
h The ChartObject is named ClockChart , and it covers up a range named
DigitalClock , which is used to display the time digitally.
h The two buttons on the worksheet are from the Forms toolbar, and each has a macro
assigned ( StartClock and StopClock ).
h The CheckBox control (named cbClockType ) on the worksheet is from the Forms
toolbar — not from the Control Toolbox toolbar. Clicking the object executes a procedure
named cbClockType_Click , which simply toggles the Visible property of the
ChartObject . When it’s invisible, the digital clock is revealed.
h The chart is an XY chart with four Series objects. These series represent the hour hand,
the minute hand, the second hand, and the 12 numbers.
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