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Creating an Interactive Chart without VBA
h The UpdateClock procedure is executed when the Start Clock button is clicked. It also
uses the OnTime method of the Application object to set up a new OnTime event
that will occur in one second. In other words, the UpdateClock procedure is called
every second.
h Unlike most charts, this one doesn’t use any worksheet ranges for its data. Rather, the
values are calculated in VBA and transferred directly to the Values and XValues
properties of the chart’s Series object.
Although this clock is an interesting demo, it isn’t feasible to display a continually
updating clock in a worksheet. The VBA macro must be running at all times in the
background, which may interfere with other macros and reduce the overall performance.
Creating an Interactive Chart without VBA
The example shown in Figure 18-26 is a useful application that allows the user to choose two U.S.
cities (from a list of 284 cities) and view a chart that compares the cities by month in any of the
following categories: average precipitation, average temperature, percent sunshine, and average
wind speed.
Figure 18-26: This application uses a variety of techniques to plot monthly climate data for two selected
U.S. cities.
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