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Working with Sparkline Charts
Working with Sparkline Charts
I conclude this chapter with a brief discussion of Sparkline charts, a new feature in Excel 2010. A
Sparkline is a small chart that’s displayed in a cell. A Sparkline lets the viewer quickly spot
timebased trends or variations in data. Because they’re so compact, Sparklines are often used in a
Figure 18-29 shows examples of the three types of Sparklines supported by Excel.
Figure 18-29: Sparkline examples.
I was pleased to see that Microsoft added this feature to Excel’s object model, which means that
you can work with Sparklines using VBA. At the top of the object hierarchy is the Sparkline
Groups collection, which is a collection of all SparklineGroup objects. A SparklineGroup
object contains Sparkline objects. Contrary to what you might expect, the parent of the
SparklineGroups collection is a Range object, not a Worksheet object. Therefore, the
following statement generates an error:
MsgBox ActiveSheet.SparklineGroups.Count
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