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In the Project Properties dialog box, click the Protection tab (see Figure 2-21). Enable the Lock
Project for Viewing check box and enter a password (twice). Click OK and then save your file.
When the file is closed and then reopened, a password will be required to view or modify the
Keep in mind that Excel isn’t really a secure application. The protection features, even
when used with a password, are intended to prevent casual users from accessing
various components of your workbook. Anyone who really wants to defeat your protection
can probably do so by using readily available password-cracking utilities (or by
knowing a few “secrets”).
Figure 2-21: Protecting a VBA project with the Project Properties dialog box.
Excel is perhaps the most commonly used application in the world for creating charts. As I
mention earlier in this chapter, you can store charts on a chart sheet or float them on a worksheet.
You can also create pivot charts. A pivot chart is linked to a pivot table, and you can view various
graphical summaries of your data by using the same techniques used in a pivot table.
A new feature in Excel 2010 is Sparkline charts. These small charts fit inside a cell. This type of
chart is completely separate from Excel’s standard chart feature. Figure 2-22 shows a worksheet
with some Sparkline charts added.
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