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Database Access
Figure 2-23: A SmartArt diagram.
Database Access
Over the years, most spreadsheets have enabled users to work with simple flat database tables.
Excel has some slick tools.
Databases fall into two categories:
h Worksheet databases: The entire database is stored in a worksheet, limiting the size of
the database.
h External databases: The data is stored in one or more files and is accessed as needed.
Worksheet databases
Generally, a rectangular range of data that contains column headers can be considered a
worksheet database.
Excel 2007 was the first version that enabled you to specifically designate a range as a table .
Select any cell in your rectangular range of data and choose Insert➜Tables➜Table. Using a table
offers many advantages: an automatic summary row at the bottom, easy filtering and sorting,
auto-fill formulas in columns, and simplified formatting. In addition, if you create a chart from a
table, the chart expands automatically as you add rows to the table.
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