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Internet Features
Tables are particularly useful when working with columns of data. Each column header is actually
a drop-down list that contains easy access for filtering or sorting (see Figure 2-24). Table rows
that don’t meet the filter criteria are temporarily hidden.
Figure 2-24: Excel’s table feature makes it easy to sort and filter rows.
External databases
To work with external database tables, use the commands in the Data➜Get External Data group.
Excel 2010 can work with a wide variety of external databases.
Internet Features
Excel includes a number of features that relate to the Internet. For example, you can save a
worksheet or an entire workbook in HyperText Markup Language (HTML) format, accessible in a Web
browser. In addition, you can insert clickable hyperlinks (including e-mail addresses) directly in
In versions prior to Excel 2007, HTML was a round-trip file format. In other words, you
could save a workbook in HTML format and then reopen it in Excel, and nothing would
be lost. That’s no longer the case. HTML is now considered an export-only format.
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