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h Pivot tables: Pivot tables are among Excel’s most powerful tools . A pivot table is capable
of summarizing data in a handy table, and you can arrange this table in many ways. In
addition, you can manipulate a pivot table entirely by VBA. Data for a pivot table comes
from a worksheet database or an external database and is stored in a special cache,
which enables Excel to recalculate rapidly after a pivot table is altered. Figure 2-26 shows
a pivot table.
Figure 2-26: Excel’s pivot table feature has many applications.
See Chapter 17 for information about manipulating pivot tables with VBA.
h Solver: For specialized linear and nonlinear problems, Excel’s Solver add-in calculates
solutions to what-if scenarios based on adjustable cells, constraint cells, and, optionally,
cells that must be maximized or minimized.
The Solver add-in has finally been updated in Excel 2010. It has a new look as well as
some performance improvements.
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