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Array Formulas
The formula returns date serial numbers, and you need to format the cells to display the day
number only by using a custom number format (“d”).
Figure 3-7: A single multicell array formula is all it takes to make a calendar for any month in any year.
The companion CD-ROM contains a workbook with the calendar example, as well as
several additional array formula examples. The file is named array formula
examples.xlsx . In addition, you’ll find a workbook named yearly calendar.xlsx that
displays a calendar for a complete year.
Array formula pros and cons
The advantages of using array formulas rather than single-cell formulas include the following:
h They can sometimes use less memory.
h They can make your work much more efficient.
h They can eliminate the need for intermediate formulas.
h They can enable you to do things that would be difficult or impossible otherwise.
A few disadvantages of using array formulas are the following:
h Using many complex array formulas can sometimes slow your spreadsheet recalculation
time to a crawl.
h They can make your worksheet more difficult for others to understand.
h You must remember to enter an array formula with a special key sequence (by pressing
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