Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Figure 4.47.
Example of a table
template worksheet.
Figure 4.48.
Copying a table
component to use on a
prototype screen.
3. On the new worksheet, change the header text to Sample .
In the subheader bar, type in Text .
You will notice that the white text style is part of the Table template (Figure 4.49,
page 82).
5. Type into your sample table a line of text into each middle row. This will give
you an idea of where to place your vertical divider lines (Figure 4.50, page 82).
6. From the Table Templates worksheet, highlight and copy a column (Figure 4.51,
page 82) and paste it into the new table. Highlight one cell in the subheader to
the right of where the text starts (Figure 4.52, page 83).
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