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Figure 4.52.
Pasting a column into
the Sample table.
Now you can begin to see how the table will grow. You can fill in the rows and then
add in new columns as needed. In this case type Name: in each row.
7. Next go to the boxes and buttons worksheet and copy a combo box. Return
to the sample table and paste it next to Name: .
You don't have to return to the boxes and buttons worksheet each time. Just paste
and reposition and paste again. Change the text in the column header to Names .
Now you've completed another column (Figure 4.53).
Finish up the table by adding more sample data (Figure 4.54, page 84).
8. To adjust the table row heights, hold down the Control key while selecting
each row that is above or below a content row, thus highlighting them all
(Figure 4.55, page 84).
Figure 4.53.
Two finished table
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