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Figure 4.54.
All table columns
Figure 4.55.
Highlighting table,
padding rows for
9. Right-click the left column and choose Row Height (Figure 4.56); specify 5 and
click OK.
The results give you a nicely condensed box with spacing around the content.
Finish the table by highlighting the whole table and adding a border by using the
Format menu (Figure 4.57).
Modifying the Table
Nothing is ever finished in a prototype. So how will you iterate with tables?
n If you just need to change the content, highlight the text and replace it with
new text.
If the column is too narrow, copy a portion of the column and paste it to the
right or left to increase the column width.
If your changes are complicated, return the table to its original state with
threedeep rows per table row. Highlight all the rows from the far left column,
choose Row Height, and return the rows to the original height of 13 (Figure
4.58, page 86).
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