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design or innovation scenario are all contained in the worksheets of one Excel
prototype file, you can distribute the prototype to targeted audiences for review
and feedback and then return later in the design process to review that information.
This technique is especially convenient if the team members are geographically
Another advantage to having all the pieces of a storyboard project contained in the
worksheets of one Excel file is for presentation. You can seamlessly navigate through
the various component parts that represent a design or innovation, including the
base scenario, storyboard frames, task or process flows, and the like, without having
to leave the Excel file that contains the storyboards.
In this chapter you will learn how to make this second kind of prototype using
The scenario that prompts this prototype is based on the initial prototypes needed by
a startup online bookseller, Berger Books. Entrepreneur Buzz Berger wants to get
seed money for his project from an angel investor. The design team uses wireframes
to describe the interface designs, so this storyboard appears early in the software
creation process. The storyboard will be used by the team to visualize and
understand the functional changes that are being proposed. After they are fully reviewed
and iterated, they will be shown to the investor to visualize, in concrete terms, the
innovative and competitive ideas on which Berger plans to make a splash in a very
competitive marketplace. The team has pitched building the prototype in Microsoft
Excel because
n The content inside the worksheets can be scrollable, unlike in PowerPoint,
another good storyboarding tool.
n Key ideas and visualizations of the business plan can be included in one or more
of the worksheets.
n The story prologue—an overview of the business and transaction concepts—can
be contained in its own worksheet.
n The visual storyboard frames can be included in additional worksheets.
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