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Creating the Berger Books Storyboard in Excel
In this exercise you will create a sample storyboard based on the Berger Books
Start with an outline covering the various worksheets of your storyboard. This will
give you an idea of the worksheets you will need. Your storyboards will show
wireframes that you have built in an Excel template. To get the assets you need, you will
have to go through all the worksheets of your prototype and then capture and save
the images to a folder. (For an explanation on how to build a wireframe in Excel, see
Chapter 6.) To capture the images, use a screen capture program such as SnagIt or
the Macintosh screen capture command, such as A PPLE þ S HIFT þ 4.
To Build a Storyboard:
1. Open the Excel prototyping template that you've already made and save it
under a new name.
2. Copy and rename the canvas worksheet to starter page (Figure 5.4),
making this new worksheet the starter page for your storyboard (Figure 5.5).
Figure 5.4.
The dialog box for
copying the canvas
worksheet to move it
to the end of the
Figure 5.5.
Worksheet renamed to
starter page .
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